Steel connector for mining rammers

Steel connector for mining rammers

Steel connector for mining rammers is used to connect individual sections of wooden mining rammers with a length of 2 ÷ 3 m and a diameter of 28 ÷ 30 mm so that their total length is at least equal to the length of the loaded blast hole.


The product has a positive technical opinion of the Central Mining Institute.

Steel connector for mining rammers


The product is suitable for use in underground and open cast mines.


The connector consists of two parts, made of steel cylinders with threads, external and internal, respectively. The first part of the connector has a hole at one end for attaching the tip of the rammer, and at the other end, a 24 mm long pin threaded over a length of 17 mm, for connecting to the second part.

The second part of the connector has a 28 mm long female threaded sleeve at one end and an opening for receiving the tip of the next section of the rammer at the other end. There are holes with a diameter of 4 mm at the ends of both parts of the connector, to stabilize the position of the rammer tips in the hole of the connector.

Type: Tr 24 x 6 Tr 16 x 6
Outer diameter [mm]: 32 32
Inner diameter [mm]:  26 24
Wall thickness
3 4
Length of the connector after assembling [mm]: 111 151

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