Mining backpack for explosives

Mining backpack for explosives

The mining backpack is designed to carry a larger amount of explosives to the blasting site. Due to its construction, it is suitable for use in difficult conditions of underground mines.


The product has a positive technical opinion of the Central Mining Institute.

Mining backpack for explosives


The mining backpack is made of steel sheet with a thickness of approx. 1.1 mm. It is lockable with a patent padlock. A profiled frame is attached to the side walls of the backpack body, enabling comfortable carrying of the backpack on the back and ensuring good air circulation.

In addition, on the side walls and on the back wall of the body there are carrying straps with a width of approx. 30 mm and a thickness of approx. 2.7 mm, with buckles that enable their adjustment.


Thanks to this solution, the person carrying the backpack has the ability to adjust the straps individually for maximum comfortable transport. In addition, the backpack has a handle that allows it to be carried with one hand in situations where the dimensions of the excavation make it impossible to transport it on the back.

The mining backpacks are produced in two types: S and D.

  • Increasing the comfort of carrying explosives
  • Possibility to carry explosives in larger amounts
  • Even load of the user


Type: S D
Length [mm]: 280 350
Width [mm]: 170 170
Height [mm]: 415 530
Mass [kg]: 4,5 5,6
Load of explosives [kg]: 8-14 16-20

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