Blasting bag for carrying explosives

Blasting bag for carrying explosives

The blasting bag is used in mining for manual transport of explosives or a detonating cord in factory packaging from the place of storage of the explosive/ face blasting case/ to the blasting site.


The product has a positive technical opinion of the Central Mining Institute.

Blasting bag for carrying explosives


The blasting bag is made of waterproof canvas, equipped with a carrying strap and a steel sliding buckle that allows you to adjust the belt according to the user's needs.

The bag is closed with two straps attached in the front part of the bag, equipped with buckles ensuring its safe closure.


Length [mm]: 280
Width [mm]: 70
Height [mm]: 300
Length of a stripe  [mm]: 1100


Explosive [kg]: up to 3
Detonating cord [m]: up to 100

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