Case for detonators

Case for detonators

The product is intended for storage and transport of detonators in underground and open cast mines.


The product has a positive technical opinion of the Central Mining Institute.

Case for detonators


The case is made of pine wood, the thickness of the side walls is approx. 2 cm, and the front and rear walls are approx. 2.8 cm.

The inside of the case is covered with mining foil. On the sides there are metal lugs for attaching webbing straps serving as a handle.

A metal hasp is mounted on the inside of the front wall of the body, enabling the case to be locked with a padlock.

The case has a cover that is opened and closed with assembled metal hinges. The product is marked with a clearly visible inscription "DETONATORS”.


Outer length [mm]: 298
Outer width [mm]: 485
Outer height [mm]: 425


Electric detonators with 5 m wires [pcs]:  360
Electric detonators with 6 m wires [pcs]: 288
Nonelectric detonators with 5.4 m shock tube [pcs]:


* It is possible to transport detonators with wires longer than 6.0 m - in this case, the number of detonators must be selected in such a way that their insertion takes place without perceptible resistance.

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