Pouches for electric detonators (ED) with metal fitting and eye

Pouches for electric detonators (ED) with metal fitting and eye

Detonator pouches are the basic vessels used in mining to carry electric detonators safely.


The product has a positive technical opinion of the Central Mining Institute.

Pouches for electric detonators (ED) with metal fitting and eye


The product is suitable for use in underground and open cast mines.


The pouches consist of two basic elements:

  • a Bakelite pipe constituting the body of the pouch, plugged with a bottom on its lower part
  • a top cover reinforced with a metal clamp and eyelet.

The cover of the pouch is fitted with a metal clamp having a metal eyelet for attaching a padlock. This design of the pouch cover fully protects it against mechanical damage in severe mining conditions. In addition, the cover is connected to the body by means of hinges between the carrying rings mounted on the bodies and connectors, limiting cover movement.  

Thanks to the use of such fastening, very high strength of both the pouch cover and the carrying ring is guaranteed.

The pouches are available in two sizes: Ø 80 and Ø 120.

  • Increasing the durability of the pouch
  • Effective protection of blasting agents
  • Possibility to adjust the length of the carrying strap
Type: Ø 80 Ø120
Total length of the pouch [mm]: 530 530
Length of the body [mm]: 521 521
Outer diameter of the body [mm]: 86 126
Outer diameter of the cover [mm]: 100 140
Width of the carrying strap [mm]: 35 35
Loading capacity: Ø 80 Ø120
ED with 2 m wires [pcs]: 60 140
ED with 3 m wires [pcs]: 40 100
ED with 4 or 5 m wires [pcs]: 20 80
ED with 20 m wires [pcs]: 6 14

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