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Coal face shot box, type Barbara 2a

The design of the presented face shot box makes it a perfect container, in which shooting materials and equipment to be located in a close vicinity to the blast area can be stored.  

The item is made out of planed and impregnated pinewood of thickness of 22 mm. The body of the box is additionally wrapped with steel strips, the thickness of which is equal to 1.0 mm and width – to 15 mm. The tips of the strips are hidden under the cover. There are two underside chocks attached to the bottom of the product, preventing its excessive moistening while touching damp floor. The inside of each of the boxes is skillfully divided to make it possible to store (depending on the type of box) explosive materials and electrical blasting caps. 

The man advantage of the Barbara 2a shot box is the incorporation of hinges attaching the cover to the body of the box, facilitating its opening and closing, as well as preventing its decomposition. The said design guarantees durability and reliability of the shot box, as well as ensures proper safety of the stored blasting equipment.

Technical data


External length:  1015 mm
External width:   485 mm
Total height: 800 mm


Explosive material containers:

  • 4 big containers, or
  • 6 medium containers, or
  • 8 small containers, and

Blasting cap pouches:

  • 1 big pouch, or
  • 2 small pouches

All products in the offer of our company have positive certificates of the Central Mining Institute of the Experimental Mine "Barbara"


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