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Our company provides comprehensive transport of dangerous goods services, which are also referred to as ADR (fr. L'Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route). Transport of such cargo is a process that requires expertise, suitably equipped vehicles and trained staff with authorization. 

Przewóz materiałów

Transport is performed in accordance with the applicable safety rules and standards, which guarantees the maximum limit of risks resulting from the transport of hazardous materials.

At present, we have four two-chamber type EXII cars, adapted for the simultaneous transport of electric detonators and explosives available to our customers . All our vehicles are equipped with mobile phones, electronic positioning system GPS and a antiburglar system   supported by a specialized security  team. This solution gives you  the ability  of  safe, effective and rapid implementation of every order, and thanks to constant contact with our staff, you can be confident of  the goods delivered to us. 

Our main advantage are skilled and experienced employees having the appropriate authorization  to the ADR. Thanks to  the  their  experience  our  employees are able to meet even the most difficult transport tasks. In addition,  thanks  to commitment to work, the goal of our staff is the arrangement  of the  most effective transport and  its supervision, so the end result will satisfy entirely our customers, and our company has become a reliable partner for further cooperation.

In addition, thanks to long-term practice  in this business, continuous development, guaranteed professional and timely implementation of all tasks and orders the services provided by our company are of a high standard.

Transport of explosives  is provided with  modern cars with a capacity of 1.5 t.

Each of the cars can, at the same time, carry the following classes of explosives:

We hope that our offer will meet your expectations.

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